Friday, March 26, 2010

I AM 43 years old. 161. New Scale

So I have a ton of thoughts today. I am amazed at how well I feel. Like energized and boundless ability to keep moving. This is how I used to feel about eight years ago. That of course was before my last two pregnancies and miscarriage. I have been pregnant a total of ten times. I carried only seven children to birth though. Only one child out of all of them went past their due date and one to a week before his due date. Everyone of the other children were born anywhere from a month to 34 weeks to 26 weeks early. I always gotten high blood pressure no matter how hard I worked at eating well, and ok not drinking enough water. There was a vague moment two years ago when I wondered what made a person fat and why they would want to be that way as if I wasn't moving swiftly to the obese category myself. Then the day not so long ago when I could not wear the jeans that I just bought in Sept. of 2009. They would not zip up, not this again. This made me say hey I am in that same place as everyone that is fat, no not fat OBESE. Even when my Wii said it I was in denial until yesterday when it said overweight instead of obese for the first time since we got the darn thing two years ago.
Have I tried to lose weight YES. Call me treadmill girl, but I could not go over the speed of 2.5 without getting breathless. Ask my sister-in-law I am sure she would have loved to pick up the walking speed on our bike trail. I even would try to work with my sons when they wrestled like I had in the years before the age of 40. I was so over weight I could not keep up. Six years ago I even did Tae Bo every single morning for 30 to 45 min without fail.
I can not express how wonderful it is to have so much energy and sleep well and keep up with my teenagers when they come home at midnight. This is a blessing and if I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU. I will reach the weight of 120 in the very near future and I might even pick up weight lifting and marathon running or maybe barrel racing too.

Lunch Fish (84cal) 1/2 grapefruit(41cal) 3 melba rounds(12.50each cal count) tomatoes(33) 195.50 total cal count. The grapefruit count on is hard to decide since you are taking it and cutting it in half after it measures a whole one but you are only allowed half.

Dinner Chicken(194cal) spinach wrap(7cal for 1c.) Orange(62) Grissini(22.5) by box cal amount said 45 for two so I cut the amount and stay within the 500.00. Total 285.5 for a round out of 500.00. I am eating my orange early.

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