Friday, March 19, 2010

164 New scales

20 lbs gone!!!!!

Lunch Stuffed chicken roll out of my recipe book. Tiny bit of onion and spinach sauteed in braggs and "wala" it was good. I do wonder on counting calories because my count said it came to 321 for this meal, but the Melba rounds were counting out way higher then what the box stated for 4 rounds. The box said 4 rounds were 50cal and logged them at 78cal so that kind of left me wondering how things are calculated. And cooked spinach comes out different then a raw spinach even though the measurement started at the same point. So back to talking to the nurse friend and a nutritionist friend, here's the scoop, The box would be the better cal count to go from on the melba rounds. Why well every batch and every box is really an estimate and is going from a basic rounding out number. The spinach when cooked becomes higher because it is broken down and the body isn't having to work so hard to do that break down work, therefor you end up with a higher cal count. Also all the vitamins and minerals are lost when it has water added to it unless you drink the liquids that are left. So this is why you see very malnourished people in countries that eat alot of raw food and not so much in other countries that can break their foods down in all the many cooking ways that we have created. Now that's something I never thought about. So a roasted almond has more cal then a raw almond hmm well this would be something we should all learn in high school. Maybe the statistics about the parents out living the kids would change and it could get turned around to the kids being around as long as the parents. (just a thought)

Lunch I took to long and had to much help from kiddos making my flattened chicken to roll cooked spinach in with tiny bit of diced onions and cooked in the juices from sauteing the spinach. Too long meant I ate a handful of almonds that were mixed with cranberries that were dried. When I looked up the cal amount after I nearly choked. After P2 this would be a fine cal amount but not right in the middle of it. Notice I am not writing it down you have to figure it out. Needless to say I did not have my fruit and ate about 2:30 when I finally got to get the chicken cooked and done I had already eaten my 2 melba rounds and the almonds and the dried cranberries so I only partook of the one chicken roll stuffed with spinach. Lesson learned, when kids are underfoot for the day eat a baggy chicken salad that I prep ahead. I felt like I was a taxi driver all day starting at 7 am and ending at 9 pm. I never had a chance to make my own dinner so I am doing an experiment of having what I made the family. Turkey breast with my melba rounds and an orange. I can't remember if I ate my veggie I know I couldn't eat the families broccoli veg. WHAT A DAY can you tell they were all out of school today.

My spray ran out the day before so I have switched to the bottle of drops. I like this way much more then the spray. I choose the spray thinking it would be easy to not have to measure out a drop but now I have changed my mind. The spray is cold and the drops just stay in the one area that they are placed not making all my front teeth cold. Just my own idiosyncrasies.

I watched a documentary by Jamie Oliver in the obesity rate in West Virginia. It was very informational about how we have so much processed food and it is mostly bread type. This is so not green in any form at all. He even talked to the school lunch program trying to point out that if you can't read what the label says below the main ingredient of chicken should you be a bit worried. The next time would be on the way they mix chemicals to keep all these foods freezer safe. It looks evil to see these chemicals and think about it in our food. The one parent who was doing his program said that they had cut out all the snacks that the kids ate and increased the green in their diets and they were all losing weight because of it. I must be a mean Mom because we hardly have candy snacks at our house its always a home made brownie with extra eggs in it or carrot sticks or apples. There is never enough money to buy frivolous snacks.


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