Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning and learning and learning.


So within this address are several files that give insight to lots of things that can affect us in this life we are living. I am always questioning why things happen and what causes it. Maybe these are some answers maybe not but this article made some sense to me when I read it.


I really liked the info in this link. I found that when my handicapped baby was growing that I made sure to take lots of fish oil so it was in my breast milk and then also gave it to him when he began to eat. Which was and still is no easy feat as he is not a very good eater of anything. So now all my kids think he is super smart because I did that. Well he does talk our ears off and it was at a very young age but smart is relative to what they are talented at is my opinion.
The last note on this article made me laugh because this year my boys and hubby have been really into making their own jerky. Kudos to a great snack, to bad it doesn't last very long in our house.


So I did this and it told me to cut 500 cal out to lose weight and that's what I have been doing YEAH almost to the end.


So If you do not have a Wii and you need to know your BMI here is a cool calculator. Its still said I was over weight but it agreed with my Wii so that made me happy have fun recording info on yourself.

There was lots of good information that lead me to learn more things and I will continue this learning quest.

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