Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010 127.4 Wii 172 new scales

I figured up my tally in calories and I am pushing it big time. Do I want to lose a POUND or only OUNCES. I still wish I had a calorie counter scale cause I suck badly at being careful with what portion is in veggies and combining hamburger with shrimp to count out and make it stay under 500 calories is really pushing it. Even if they are the same 3.5 ounce raw weight. Also if you eat the higher calorie veggie like onions with say grapefruit and a whole cucumber instead of only a cup it will put you over the top of the limit. Like I said I am not good at counting so I did it today and ate to many Melba toasts and it was at 370 by lunch time. So lunch was Fennel bulb with grapefruit mixed and the melba toasts that I calculated at 120 cal. and Steak. I didn't like the fennel much.
Dinner was Garlic grilled Chicken breast wrapped in Spinach and no apple even though they say to not do that. Also I drank the dieters tea tonight.
The pounding in my core is not as buggy I think its from the water that is being filtered through my kidneys. Mine have been taxed in the past greatly so I hope that there doing ok. I have kind of strange little spots that are breaking out on my face every once in a while but I just leave them alone.

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