Thursday, March 25, 2010

162 New Scales BMI

Make sure you join the yahoo groups and read the FILES there is tons of info on that site that will help you get through this new experience in your life! I could not do it without the help of those who went before. I have my kids leaning over me wanting to eat what I eat now except my baby who only eats what he likes. My hubby always wishes that my tiny little meals were the ones he was getting. So when I am done having to keep to the 500 cal limit they will be getting the same kinds of meals. Maybe I might even try helping the school lunch get better here since the kids always come home starving and wishing for more fresh veggies.
Watch this show and start a revolution where you are.

Lunch venison(188cal)cucumer(1c.14cal)strawbweries(1/2c.23cal)really that's about a handful of maybe five. Melba round (1 only 12cal)

Dinner Chicken grilled(194) lettuce(1c.8cal) apple(55cal) No toast or grissini. Total cal for the day 494.

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