Friday, March 5, 2010

170.8 LBS New scales are you kidding I went up!!

What a big disappointment my BMI went up today and I gained back a pound good grief what did I do wrong. Well I totaled my cal intake and it was 55-oz over the 500 limit. I took a shower maybe to much soap got on my scalp, we have such hard water that it makes our skin itch so I could have scratched it into my scalp. What if it was the small amount of strength training that I did. I do not even hurt today so I do not think it could be that. Well its frustrating that's for sure, but I will go on! It could just be that my body has a set point there, having been the point that I delivered a baby and weighed at that point for a long time.

Today I went looking as my body decided to not lose and actually gain. Things I found and their links.

This site has a calorie counter and lots of tips to help make a lifestyle change.

Let me just say this article is my life for the last four years high stress barely
any sleep for two years and glad to understand the cortisol level thing.

Well unearth my ball and start strength training. I want to unbury this 6 pack.
I feel that HCG has helped to burn the fat that was stored here because its the
first place I saw it begin to leave off of me.

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