Monday, March 15, 2010

170 New scales

I wish I were a Dr.,scientist,nutritionist, geneticist, who knows what to call it person who understood why a body acts the way it does when hormones start changing around. Well as you can see the scales went back up, the body is retaining lots of water and hopefully in a few days when my body gets back to normal status it will all drop back off. I am not going to panic, my partner never gained and never lost during her lovley visit so be patient.

Lunch blackened fish made my own spice rub and spinach with orange vinaigrette and little orange slices on top with gissine sticks.

Dinner was rough. I had to go to a recognition dinner and eat what they served. I ate a bowl of chili so that's meat of beef and beans and tomatoes. Also a green salad with salt on it. No bread and one failing of Key lime pie. Otherwise it was as close as I could get to the 500 cal diet with my one failing on the desert. Also I drank lots of water today and tonight I am starting to feel back to the me again that was there a few days ago.

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