Wednesday, March 10, 2010

168.9 Wii 28.83 BMI 167.8 New scales

Finally back to a six number. Last night was rough I got hungry so took another spray at 9:30. It seemed to help me not feel that groaning hunger. I might have to start increasing how often I spray back to what I started at. At first I was doing six sprays six times a day then I shifted to seven sprays three times a day. Well today we will see if I have to add that forth spraying time in. I did leg lifts on my bed this morning holding on to the headboard and not hurting my backside. A set of 10 two times. I can see my chin that is a very nice sight. Things I have noticed, my face skin is soft after that detox bath. Yes I soaked all but my nose and it felt very nice this morning. Also I have very terrible cracking fingers in the winter weather so going without lotion made me very nervous. I mean I use neosporin and have band aides on my finger ends all the time, so it has been nice to start feeling my skin be very soft on my hands also. I do wear gloves to wash any dishes at all times and whenever I clean anything to keep them protected but it's been alright so far.
Lunch I am having low cal white fish with grapefruit marinade and of course the rest of the grapefruit half. On a bed of spinach with the melba toasts on top.
I have energy again today wow yesterday was discouraging and disappointing. I found a great YouTube video about a wonderful diabetic women who is very encouraging Mumzeeee. If I knew how I would put a link of just her vlogs about her journey but hey not that technical and do not want all the other ones that come along with the hook up that you have to use. So go find her, she is funny and encouraging and helped me get through my day yesterday.
Dinner a hamburger picante sauce wrap in lettuce and no melba rounds. I am going to count my tomato as a fruit today even though that's not how the Doc looks at it but well I was never raging starving hungry the whole day like yesterday so I didn't eat any tonight. I can not believe how crazy famished I was yesterday and then today be super fine. It must all go to certain fat stores being emptier in some spots then in others ( totally uneducated guess on that theory just stated). So I can feel the pull of muscles in my belly tonight where I did the leg lifts and the tightening up of that area NICE.

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