Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010 Wii 173.1 172.8 new scales

Freezing again but feeling oh so good in the skin I have. My hands feel less puffy and fat. Now if my chin would slim down that would be nice. It was a crazy day of trying to make sure I ate at the right time and have time to even cook it. Lunch small 3.5 oz raw weighed sirloin tip steak with asparagus and apple salad. Dinner was strawberry cucumber salad with curried fish that's my favorite way to cook it. I could not make it cooking if I didn't have the recipes that make it so I can think up these combinations. I really cook terribly if its on my own and can not think up a veggi recipe for nothing. I had to be in places that I didn't know my water releasing spots so that was rough. I also have gotten Chocolate Stevia and Lemon twist stevia and add that to my water. Now I can get my water down easily in new ways. ITS GOING DOWN YEAH YEAH YEAH!

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