Tuesday, March 16, 2010

169 Wii BMI 28.94 168 New scales

Well today I felt more energized and able to get up on my workout goal at 6:00 am. I weighed did weight training with the Wii, ran kids to the bus two diff rent times and back to bar lifting to tone my back and arms. Nice soaking bath and ready to hit the day hard. I have started to look at what I will be doing on P3 since I do not want to gain and I want to make sure I am eating well. I am starting to read about the Atkins induction diet and what are the fats and proteins that are used in that diet. I kinda want some rules and structure.
I also spoke with a nurse friend about why the body retains water during menes (Aunt Flo.) They said it's because it's the defense against dehydration as the body begins to exchanging fluid loss. Even if the exchange is small and the fact that there is some swelling that occurs in that area makes for the fluid retention that also occurs. It makes sense especially when you end up sitting on the throne draining out a few days after the start point if your drinking the fluids you should.

Lunch venison and cucumber strawberry salad today with melba toast bread crumbs.
Dinner curried flounder,on tomato, with grissin sticks and apple. Yeah 500 calorie compliant.

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