Saturday, March 20, 2010

163.8 New scale

I will have to add through the day but here is the weight point. And I am getting on the treadmill and it is a 6:00 AM goal score. Sorry but the rest you have to find tomorrow I am just getting going for the day. Starting to read ATKINS for LIFE. by Robert Atkins, M.D. My sis in law is faithful to this because of her diabetes. Since its genetically strong in my kids and hubby I think I better start understanding how to be in control of this possibility at my family level.

So I had to help the hubby power lift some of his car parts today shesh could have skipped the treadmill with all the outside stuff that we did.

Lunch Chicken(3.5oz 123cal) Spinach(4oz 46cal cooked) melba round(4 50cal) apple(72cal).
Dinner Curried fish(84 3.5oz) Tomato(4cal) grissini(45for2) grapefruit(64cal but I only have 1/2).

This above book talks about how weight changes happened in a women after a surgery. Since the last time I weighed 110 after my third pregnancy I have had three surgery's. I have often felt that it altered my metabolic rate in some way but what Dr. talks to you about that possability (none). I also must say that a certain Dr. that I saw in the year past told me that I would never lose the weight unless I had a sleep study test and was put on oxygen. Here's to proving you wrong. I do not need my power bill to be any higher from running a second oxygen compressor in our house.

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