Wednesday, March 24, 2010

162 New scales 27.80 BMI

It seemed to work it's almost noon ready to eat my lunch feeling great no hungry pains. I am starting to gather recipes to get me through the next three weeks to set my body in this weight and face the family parties that are going to come up. Still bugged about not fitting into my jeans yet and that its stuck on my hips still but I am patient.
Things I am missing. Conditioner I am tired of straw hair.
Deodorant I thank goodness am not into
the sweating summer yet.
Lotion I really am starting to miss on my hands.
My partner is looking so great she can fit in her smaller jeans and we are both waiting to get really exercising at a more energizing level.
Lunch Chicken with spinach rolled inside. Grapefruit with stevia on top and grissini sticks.
I drank a cup of Yerba Mata tea this morning and when my box is done I do not think I will ever get it again. I have never been a soda with tons of caffeine in it drinker. I just never really liked it so I am not going to start with the tea either. Caffeine is a stimulant and why would I want to become hooked on something that makes my body be stimulated. I watched the preemie babies have it used just to keep their hearts stimulated and always was happy when their bodies decide to get going on their own, so ya I think exercise will be my stimulation for my heart. Looked up links to Atkins info finding inspiration and recipes.
Dinner Grilled fish with that yummy picante sauce and my melba rounds on the bottom. An orange for the finish up. It was a great day.

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