Saturday, March 13, 2010

166.4 New scales

So I took all my prepared food and headed down the road. I left so early I had no strength training time nor a Wii scale reading it felt like an off day to me the whole time. I slept wrong on my neck so it was sore and I needed potassium very badly I could tell. I had to visit Cosco after all the work was done. Bad Idea. It was tasting day. So at every corner there is something to try and my little guy who will not eat but he is hungry takes one from at least three places. He then takes two bites and gives it to me. Willpower is not with me today because it smells yummy and its like oatmeal cranberry cookie piece and California roll and a piece of gouda cheese. I finally just got out of there before he decided he wanted anything else. I did not ever feel hungry for dinner and couldn't figure out how to drive and eat so just got home late and crashed in bed. So there are days even with HCG helping you that you have no willpower even when your losing a pound a day. That is frustrating, I really need to either count the calories or work the butt off. I bet I will be up on the scale tomorrow.
I took chicken celery salad with strawberry vinaigrette and grissine sticks. It was yummy but so were all those other tempting tidbits.

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