Wednesday, March 31, 2010

160.2 pounds down today! YAHOOOOOOOO.

I get to count today and tomorrow as a loss and this was reward today another pound gone that takes me to 23.8 pounds gone in my first round so far. I am so excited today because i had held at 162 or 161 for so many days. Lesson be patient with your body. My partner and I have been discussing that we will do our P3 round and start back on another P2 round right after so that we can try and lose the last 40 pounds that we need off. Ok so I am being optimistic at getting all 40 gone but that's ok I can be. Then the summer will be in full swing and we will maintain until the school year starts again. Pictures will be coming up soon just give me time.

Lunch curried fish with apple green leaf salad and a yummy apple cider lemon dressing with stevia garlic and onion mixed in. I am missing my melba toasts or grissini's. They were nice while I was taking the HHCG but thats ok I am on a mission to get smaller.

Dinner was Onion chicken broth, I just cooked the chicken and onions in water with braggs amino acid and garlic mmm on a cold night. I am way tired to night and not hungry for anything else that warmed the body.

I had a warm cup of tea and I actually am starting to like it with the stevia in it warms me up at night.

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