Thursday, April 1, 2010

159.2 on the morning scale. 24.8 POUNDS GONE

I think I am loosing it, I thought today was the the day I got to eat. Started to drink some whole milk and then called my partner and said something about do you think milk is allowed on P3? Big discussion and a few min later she says are you already drinking it? What are you doing today is the third day off the drops tomorrow is when we eat. GOOD GRIEF thank goodness I have her I must have lost a day somewhere in there with kids being out of school. I am now laughing but mad because I woke up to find that I lost another pound. 24.8 on the scale now whooo. I have reached my goal that I wanted and I could have just muffed it all up there is still HCG in my system and so it would have not continued to burn the last of the fats and would have just burned up the milk and eggs and olive oil that I was planning on eating this morning. I am so happy and ready to jump up and down about hitting my goal desire. I would not recommend doing a 40 day unless you have nerves and control of steal. I want to eat more then 500 cal so bad that its really hard to not slip. Going for 33 days would have been more manageable but of course hind sight is always better.
I did Denise Austin Pilates for every body. Its for strengthening and toning. It felt so good and stretched new spots in my body I love the feeling of getting toned. I wish my stretch bands were not so tight but they will get lose with time.

Lunch fish soup with cucumber strawberries salad and of course my three liters of french vanilla stevia water.

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