Monday, April 26, 2010

169.4 WOW thats alot to gain in three days!

So my body just sucked it all up and packed it on. Those fat cells are still there ready to accept it all and hang on to it for dear life when you increase the Carbs and maintain no control. Good lesson, I wonder what it will be like when I eat whole wheat and brown rice instead of all the refined foods that were there for my taking this weekend. I could care less about eating today. No hunger messages until closer to the evening meal. I ate fish with tomatoes and a grissini for my lunch. Oh and my apple too. For my dinner it was a chicken, celery, orange tossed with some braggs for dinner. My tummy is still doing a huge rubble.

I really am glad I have my cool recipe book for this round and also loved using On the Lighter-side of low carb link to get through some of my recipe hangups with the maintenance phase. Atkins link is also great and they sent me a great carb counting book that I carry with me always.

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