Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2.6 lbs done again. INCES INCHES GOING away.

So I made it through yesterday I got hungry and what the heck is up with my forever needing to peee ( ok it is just the fat cells shrinking and releasing and they gotta let thier water go somewhere.) I only have 2.8lbs to be back to the lowest weight that I was on round 1. It is buggy and I now know there is no way I am ever doing a three day load even if I have to take all the goods with me camping. I will make sure I am prepared to start when needed. This of course comes after having learned all that I have during my first round.


It does seem to take a lot of concentration to get through the first round and lots of cooking which now it's a piece of cake to me, but that's where hands on gives you the advantage over the first learning parts.

I am thinking about all the crap that is getting reset and out of my system. Shots for making me stop going into labor, then shots to make my babies lungs develop faster, high blood pressure meds out the wasu. Antibiotics to combat C-section and infections later. I used to just nurse my babies for two years and then melt that fat down. Last time I was hooked to a stupid milking machine and could only last one year at it. My last baby never did nurse from me. Then how about an appendicitis and whatever other meds I got at that time and more antibiotics. Good grief how does a body handle all that? Well my gut instinct says it makes it into the fat stores and stays. I still have to sorta breath those stupid steroids whenever I give my little guy a heavy dose breathing treatment ( and yes it drives me crazy that this is what keeps his lungs open when he gets a stupid cough).

Lunch: Grilled Shrimp and tomatoes with Stevia the last of my Grissini sticks 2 and an Orange.

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