Friday, April 30, 2010

158.8 Back to my ending point!


  1. Kids dumped toys in my workout spot did pick up and sidetracked not getting to the workout.
  2. Wore their dirty shoes by workout spot so their is dust on hardwood floor, I can not lay down.
  3. Dirty boys socks by workout spot.
  4. Someone didn't do their dumping rainbow vacuum job so now I got to. Just so I can workout.
  5. Someone unhooked VCR so now I have to do electrical untangle to get my workout video going.
I do love my boys but sheesh they are so dang messy sometimes it's irritating.

So yesterdays workout looked like 3 miles run/walk I did 2 mile run/walk after the Banquet dinner. Today I am going to somehow concur my laundry HAAaaa. I hate that job sometimes.
45 min workout today is Pilates For Every Body with Denise Austin. I needed the stretch and the hubby says we are going on a long walk together to.

I prep cooked for the month and I will show you all the before and afters after a bit and I am now ready for any surprise appointments that will make me be caught without cooked backup foods. I even cooked some steak strips for fajitas on the run.
Oh ya my tuna wasa sandwich was so so so good glad I tried it and as we can all see even with the crazy derail that I made work for me last night. I lost I lost I lost I lost I lost.
I have so many lunch choices today that we will blog that later tonight.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken over Romain lettuce with homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing. I also took a bit of the chicken and added it to some broth that I made with some onions to drink and tame the Dressing down after.

Recipe for dressing in that cool cookbook I have.

My husband just told me that after my last baby was born I weighed 200 pounds I can not remember that. I was under way to much stress. I do remember feeling frustrated about slowly sliding up from 175 to 180 but I got that reading on the scale like a year later when my baby and I were finally home and starting to be normal or as normal as it's going to get at my house with him.

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