Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel so gooooood!!!

Treadmill run/walk 4 miles whoo, some day I will be able to run the whole time.

My partner said that she has stayed right at the same weight that she ended at so I guess it can be done. I just haven't seen that with my body yet. Crazy body still up and down. 160.8 today and the loading days are coming sooooon to start on another round and move on down the scale.

Sample of what I ate today so far. Breakfast shake with flax seed ground up, milk, ricotta cheese, frozen peaches and some almonds. YUMMY! Lunch was an omelet with red peppers a tiny bit of left over hamburger from dinner last night, a zucchini, and some asparagus with Havarti dill cheese on the top. I think I will have a mini steak for dinner tonight with lots of onions but we shall see.

Drinking water I have found is way important. If I miss now I feel dehydrated and I also hang on to the weight lots more.

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