Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still Holding at 159.2 lbs

I Woke up and had stayed the same yea! So all day went over all well, tomorrow will tell all after increasing the calorie intake a bit more then the last month. I ate an omelet and increased to broccoli salad with ranch dressing and some chocolate milk. Ummmm cheese pieces. I was pretty conservative but went up to 1250 calorie over the whole day. I did walk on the treadmill for three miles and felt wonderfully fit. Late that night I had to get even with my tease of a wild son and sat on him holding him for a very long while. It felt good to not be winded and winning him, he is always pestering and this time he was not sure how to handle the fact that his Mom had the upper hold on him.

PICTURE TRUTH IS NOW ON VIEW. Oh I even had to punch some holes in my belt to tighten it up, that felt amazing. Chin had better get smaller or maybe they do lipo up there. Ah would never be brave enough for that. I will just let HCG melt it on the next round in May. I can not believe how great I feel and no sagging skin either.

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