Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm back Round 2 P2 Here we go!

So Wed. the 21st, I left for a family reunion last maintenance meal was done at Wendy's drive in with their chicken grilled pecan salad minus their dressing. We were on the road and I did eat some almonds to stay awake for the drive but otherwise it was a good ending day. That morning is to much of a blur to remember what I ate. But I was 161.0 on the morning weigh in. Like I said up and down up and down. Hopefully my body will figure this whole thing out on the next maintenance round.

Thur. 22 loading day! Out of necessity because of camping I am doing the three days only because I am not going to be able to control all the food sources that I have going on around me. I took it really light this day but it did conist of lots of protiens that were drizzled in butters and more fats then usual. I ate my cookies that I had frozen from a party that I went to when I was in R1P2 since they could be a part of the loading regimen. They aren't your everyday cookies, they were mini exotics and that would be the only reason I would be so crazy as to freeze for a later day.

Fri. 23 Scones scones and more scones were the meal plan that all the family was doing so its something you do not pass up especially with honey butter or raspberry butter on them. I had cream in my milk and chocolate cashews and fried potatoes with chicken kabobs. I did eat white rice with haystacks also.

Sat. 24 morning I wished I was home being able to start the 500 cal amount because I was sick of eating. Two days is enough if you are getting lots of good fats I think; how would I know I didn't haul my scale with me. I figured whatever the pounds got to I would have to just burn it off and make this round work hard for me. Not only was I sick of eating but I felt sick in my insides. After going down like that I am not sure what happens inside of you but it sure seemed like it all packed onto my belly and I spent forever in the bathroom too.

Also I a very sunburned even with lots of sunscreen on and walked over 45 miles during this camping adventure.

So happy to start the next round and eat lighter.

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