Tuesday, April 27, 2010

164. lbs Movein on down again.

WHEEEW at least its moving down again. I have 5.4 to lose to get back to the ending point of my first round. I was so scared that it would not go down. Why did I feel that way when I knew it worked the first time I did it. I am not sure except that our brains as women (can't speak for a guy) can really tell ourselves some whopper lies and talk us out or in whatever that matter might be. I still think back to when I didn't think I was in an Obese category and that others were and the lie I gave myself. Thank goodness I at least tell myself more positive things more often then negative things. The joy to feel so energized and able to get stuff done is wonderful. Now let me be honest here. The kids can destroy the work I did in a matter of moments and I feel like I will never be unburied from the laundry land that 7 kids (that is including the hubby) make. There are two of them that do their own laundry but there is always some of theirs in ours. The dishes have to be done many times over and without fail every time I mop I wonder why I did because two seconds later something is dumped on the clean floor. I tell myself this too shall pass over and over again. I have no room to be OCD with this many kids in my house.

I have to make a chart for my measurements. The fat rolls are smoothing out all over my body and that is such a nice thing to notice but the ruler would say the biggest changes so I better record it for my eyes to see the gradual changes that my body is making.


Dr. Mercola has some things that will make your brain mull over I am always ready for other opinions. It just gives me more power to my desire to learn is what I say.
Dr. Mercola talkes about a sweetener called Agave. I really liked the info that I came to understand better just in an over all educated bases about sweeteners and what they can do to our bodies just because of his article. Read this link to learn more. yep click that back there and it will take you to the article.

Lunch: Fish with Curry Tomatoes and Stevia sprinkled with salt. Grapefruit half.
Dinner: Venison Steak with Stevia Carmel Onions and fried apples.

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