Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slow creep up again!

So I am at 161.4 which is back at the two pounds exactly over the stop weight. I am not sure if its cause of the Aunt Fo visit, or the not enough protein possibility. How can that be you say well, the Hubby is fixing the broken oven going on day three now and so the cooking isn't to hot at our house. Add the fact that the High School Prom is on this weekend I am a bit divided and busy and maybe better stop and look at what I am not eating but I am going to do another one of those only a steak days because I do not want to find that it moves higher over the next really crazy filled days ahead.

I also didn't realize that I might be a brave soul in a unitard, it's just what I have to run in and that's how it goes when you've been fat and your not about to go buy something cute and skinny till you hit your goal. See the vote tally on Shut UP and Run!

Going to do a short run walk of only two miles cause I have a dress to finish sewing and a flower to buy and who knows what else my Prom Queen will think up for me today.

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