Sunday, April 18, 2010

ONE more week to round 2 for me!

So I finally got the steak day in yesterday. Even though I was down again I want to be back at the point I ended the first round that I did on the protocol. So I went from 161.8 yesterday to 158.6 today. The steak I ate at around noon because I knew I wouldn't get time to cook later that evening with a Prom date showing up to take my girl out. I ate an avocado and half a tomato with my steak. So I am not sure if its the protein that takes so long to break down and more fat is burned or what but it worked to go actually lower then what I ended at so I am happy.

158.6 is where I ended today 159.2 was the end point back on APRIL 1, 2010 so its a few ounces down even.

I ran and walked some 4 miles yesterday too and it feels so good to get that exercising in.

I hope my oven gets fixed before I start my next round because I really would have liked to make that Cauliflower Pizza that heard was so good.

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