Thursday, April 29, 2010

160.8 dang thats not very much.

So yesterday was a what I would call spread it day. I ate my dinner 5 Strawberries at one store. Then proceeded to the next store and ate my Wasa crackers. Ate my steak piece right at 6:00 and then at 8:00 ate my cucumber with salt and Stevia on it. I even think I forgot my drops at lunch but took care to do a dose at 6 and again right before I got to go to bed at 10. I didn't lose very much as compared to the other days. I am wondering if it is the shrimp. I guess I will have to wait a few days and see what happens when I do it again on another day. It also could be the Shrimp steak combo that happened too on the same day.

I am going to experiment. I like ground turkey so I am going to see if I can lose when eating it still. This is 90% lean. Today I am going to also try Albacore White tuna in water to see what that does in the weight categories. I want a tuna sandwich can you tell

Lunch: White Tuna with chopped celery mixed with Sweet n Spicy mustard dressing on a wasa cracker and an orange.
Dinner: Chicken with Strawberries cucumber salad marinated in the Strawberry vinaigrette with a melba toast. (Did not happen)
All recipes are on my cool little e-mailable recipe book that I follow.

(So I had a slight derail, Daughter had an awards banquet and so
I ate a hamburger most likely over 3.5 oz and wrapped it in the lettuce that was set to make the burgers. Also I picked through a spinach salad to get enough leaves but they were covered in dressing so here's hoping it is ok in the morning scales).

Going for a 4 mile run on the treadmill since there is way to much snow all of a sudden.

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