Thursday, April 8, 2010


It really works I dropped clear back to 159.2 even having eaten the steak in the early noon instead of the evening and I am so so happy. I admit I thought I would only go back a few ounces and not the whole two pounds worth. Now to make my body stay at that set weight.

I ate coconut pancakes that are more like a crepes when they cook up. They are yummy, it was kinda of my own mixture that I thought up and that's why they are more like a crepe I think. I made a hamburger last night and blended dried parsnips, and zucchini, with some shredded frozen carrots. I added garlic and onion powder and a couple of eggs to about a pound and then mixed it and made them into patty's topped with a cheddar cheese top. My kids snarfed them so fast. Even my picky none eating baby liked his two triangle and square bites. The older boys wrapped them in a lettuce leaf the little boys ate them on a wasa cracker and the girl and my hubby ate with sugar free Raspberry salad dressing from Waldon Farms. I get to have mine for lunch today. I would say that they were a big hit.

Just some links that I fell on to that can make a farmers hair curl. I have already tried to sift through the labels and resigned myself to homemade ingredients to rid myself of the corn syrup.

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