Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seeming to hold at 160.2 lbs.

Staying at the 160 pound spot it looks like.
I have tried making Chocolate candy that I like except the Coco is really dark and unsweetened so I added coconut cream to the equal parts of coconut oil and Hershey powder. I liked how the little cream chunks pop up in the middle of the little cup of chocolate. I did add packets of stevia and could have added more to make it sweeter
I have made oppisies off of On the Lighter side of Low-carb website which is listed on side bar with a link to get to hers. I am going to make lots and freeze so I have them on emergency back ups to take apart my hamburgers or whatever when I am out on the road.
I made quiche with eggs, chicken chunk, cheese and spinach and dried ground zucchini from my food storage stash. Yummy quick treat.
Looking forward to making some more cooking things of the blog I listed above.
It is really frustrating to see how many things you can not eat because of all the sugars that are added and even the starches. Staying pretty raw is pretty much the safest bet through this phase or make sure you cook ahead.

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