Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy weekend so much fun!

Sat 162.2 Sun 160.6 today 159.8. So I have maintained and even dropped after having an amazing weekend with the best extended family around. I usually have time to post but nope to busy. I tried to track what I ate so I knew if I went up, but didn't do well keeping that record. My partner told me when I was worrying about being up a bit on Sat; she said "hey your ok its not that high on the scale yet." So for brunch I ate some vanilla yogurt and berries and tiny bit of homemade granola, peer pressure and I had just traveled two hours to attend a bridal shower couldn't be rude and not partake. Then the real lunch was at Outback I ate their yummy blue cheese salad with the dressing on the side, asked for veggies instead of potatoes, and that they leave the seasoning off the Salmon. I did use a tiny bit of the dressing which tasted overly sweet. It's interesting to note that to me things that have sugar added are overly sweet to eat and I would rather not have it added in the dressing at all if I made it myself. Of course I think this sweetness that I can taste in things has come since I did the Hcg diet. My partner is seeing the same results to her tasted buds. I snacked on almonds and an apple and an Oppsie rolls off of Cleochatras LOW-Carb blog recipes the rest of the day.
Sunday was a whirlwind of activity and I think I ate a smoothie with peaches and flax seed in milk and steak later with cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. And then late dinner of oppies that I had frozen.
So that catches me up to today and the great scale reading and the lovely Aunt Flo visit which very well could be why I was higher on the scale the days before.
The dang chocolate crave is back with Aunt Flo and so I had some sugar free Russel Stovers on hand and dang that silly Stevia Chocolate water. I sorta ate like a 500 call today as I was just not at all hungry except for that Choco need. Had Chicken breast for dinner and laid around most of the day today.
I think I am not as Carb sensitive as some others might be but time will tell.
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