Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Meal Prep that I do for P2 round.

So the freezer is stuffed with tinfoil 3.5 meats cooked and not cooked. Tinfoil because then my kids won't look and cook my meals. Ya know the adage if you can't see it it's not there, well it still works on boys and the fridge/freezer so they will leave my stuff alone.
First time I have ever done beef strips for Fajitas pre-grilled so I can go fast if needed. It's lean rating was 90% so it better be as fat free as possible for this round. I put all the spices that are needed like cumin, pepper,garlic,onion,and even a bit of Stevia.

This one Halibut will make 5 meals of 3.5oz I divide and then freeze. The pile of bits on the side will be made into a fish soup since it's pretty hard to make them stay on a grill if there all chopped up. I did have to peel the skin off which was hard so pick without next time is how I will go for sure.

I always pre-grill my chicken with garlic, onion, pepper, and sometimes cumin then freeze for a very fast warm up meal. Then I can eat them warm or cold when I need it.

This is flattened chicken that I will be stuffing later with Spinach. I forgot to get some when I went shopping. The turkey will also be divided and put into packets to grill as needed. I shall see if I can lose with that meat on board my diet.

Today is a gain n hold 159.2, I think I got to much meat last night cause I snitched off my baby's steak plate since he didn't want it and my fish wasn't making me full. Darn me at least it was protein and not sugar.
Lunch: Tuna Fish, Apple, Celery salad with Homemade Mustard sauce on Wasa Crackers.

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