Friday, May 28, 2010

149 It stuck! YES! Tea Please!

I have now been converted to drinking tea in the morning (I in the past did not like it). It keeps me warm these days so I need it. I only drink herbal teas without caffeine because I do not like that bursting energy that caffeine's give you and I never have been a big caffeine drinker in the past either.
So I have been paying attention to what is good and not so good about some of the teas.

Black Tea: Lots of caffeine and tannins are in this kind.

Dieters Tea: Senna can be dependant making to your bowels. Addictions become a problem also.

Smooth Move Tea: Same at the above named tea, dependant making too.

Rooibo's Tea: My oldest son loves it and did before he went to the country of it's origin.

Yerba Mata: It's ok not sure I like the natural caffeine that makes me buzzed but I am kind of craving it the R2 on HCG that I did. Strange I haven't really ever liked tea before this diet.

Herbal Tea: Well I am liking the ones that are fruit, but that is not really an allowed on the HCG diet R2 phase. So peppermint's and chamomiles might be a bit safer to use.

I have now decided to drink my chocolate, coconut oil with Tension Tamer every morning since it helps keep me warm and must be making my metabolism jump started.
With this new breakfast that I have started drinking more my middle guy wanted to try it, he was not impressed even though he did drink it all gone. It tastes like nothing is all that he would say about it.

Breakfast: 1 orange with choco, coconut oil, Tension Tamer tea mixed together.
Lunch: Turkey burger soup with onions & Quinoa. I did not eat any toasts because of the quinoa grain that was in my soup.
Dinner:Halibut, on a melba round 4 actually and asparagus.
Miles: I intended to not do any today to take a break, but someone encouraged me so 5 total 1 running that's 10,000 on my C boys Ipod pedometer.

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