Monday, May 31, 2010

149.2 Wow I really didn't think I was going to come down that easy.

4 am phone alert from oldest in far away land, read letter, fall back to sleep. Wake up, moving makes me ache in the strangest spots and then I remember that I fell over a fence yesterday with my little guy on my shoulders. Even now I feel like laughing at myself. One of our horses decided to get really friendly last evening cause my apple smelt really good. She is not one that I trust to much and when she all of a sudden took way to much interest in me from my backside I hurried to get over our log fence. Well you can imagine with 21 pounds on the top of me the momentum just kept me going over landing on my backside with him sitting in the dirt, he stood up, dusted off, looked at me, yelled at the dumb horse and tried to get me up. Thank goodness none of the boys saw me go over they all would have been laughing at me.
So back to weight loss. I was pleasantly surprised that I came back to the spot of the 149 number with my huge mayhem meal the other day. It's been one of those days where busy busy busy is an understatement.
Two scouts doing the posting of the colors for the Memorial day presentation at the graveyard. Resist the yummiest of cookies. Home to referee, cook, clean, garden, manage wayward lawn mowers, garden some more, water fight breaks out, clean horse trailer, cook, dishes, laundry, hook up garden hoses, lawn hoses, vacuum, cook again, all to bed, me treadmill time, soak in a very hot bath. Whew made it through the day but I am sososososos tired.
Breakfast: Dark Chocolate stevia water, Apple
Lunch: Grilled Halibut on top of lettuce bed with grisinni sticks and some Walden Farms ranch.
Dinner: Turkey burger, (everyone had one mine sure looked tiny up against theirs) tomato sliced, Wasa bread and a half a grapefruit.
Miles: Just simply walking with all the chores today 1,061 steps. Treadmill time 4.5 miles making a total of 10,000 steps today.


  1. You. You are awesome. And probably still sore!

  2. Ya but I am just going to ignore the owi and move on. At least there are no bruises.