Sunday, May 23, 2010

150.0 DAY of Peace

Early to rise and exercise.
Kids breakfast ready to eat. It's Oat groats with yogurt cream sauce and a fried egg, ooh I want some really bad.
Ready for church
Off to church (late again ugha)
NO FISHY CRACKERS! I suck at this when on a diet.

My Breakfast: An Orange and Hazelnut stevia water.
Lunch: Lean steak soup and onions with melba rounds.
Dinner: Fish talopia with Bragg's sauce and tomatoes with crushed melba rounds. 5 Strawberries.
Not hungry all day not one tiny bit. (HCG must be burning lots of stored fat in me)
Miles: 5 walking on the treadmill at about 2.5 paces sometimes a 3.0 pace. Watched 2 shows that's a record for me. Thats 10,119 steps today yeah me.
I have been looking for a description as to how I feel in my body right now. This is the description I came up with. I am loose and light now. I feel airy as I move around. Why what makes the difference well carry a thirty pound bag of grain for a 4 mile walk attached in different areas of your body and when you put it down you can move so much easier then before that it makes you feel light and free. I have now shed 35 pounds from all over and it feels so free now inside of me.

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