Tuesday, May 18, 2010

152.6 Crazy but I want to feel the hungry feeling maybe it will say I am losing again!

That's it apple day is going to have to happen this is a stall at five days now and it has to be broken. I can't remember ever sitting at this weight in my life before.
It is also strange peoples reactions to gained and lost weight. After all the stress of my baby and the three years it took to recover or maybe I should call it a settling and easy spot to live with now. I have been able to see lots of reactions to my weight. First they would ask if I was pregnant. (Are you crazy I am going through the most stressful time of my life and I have a very unwell baby I am thinking to myself, plus my baby was still in the hospital 6 months later.)
Wow have you quit exercising? Now that the baby is home you should have all kinds of time.
( Like I have time, I spend all of my time pumping milk, feeding it to him, cleaning up his throw up and then repeating the whole process over again. Kick in breathing treatment times and putting back feeding tubes that came out with the throw up, and preparing for any upcoming Dr. visits and trying to eat myself, the school day ending for all the kids and trying to feed them too along with lets throw in a nurse visit and therapist visits at least once a week, NO there is no exercise time at all.)
Now shift to today down some 30 lbs in 4 months and they say things anywhere from WOW! to How skinny are you going to get to? Maybe you should let up on that running! You need some nutrition. You are looking really good! I didn't recognize you, you have lost so much. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIRL???? The ultimate is the nurse who only knew me since my baby was born and asks what is so different about you other then you cut your hair. I see her every three months or so with my little guy. She is a nutritionist and into what is eaten by our little guy and what more I can get him to eat. She thought I looked great and for the most part others do to but it is crazy the range of emotions that are mixed when it comes to people and their weights.

Me, I just want to be able to sleep without an oxygen machine like the Dr. said I might need and to run a 5K and maybe a marathon and get back into the clothing that are in my closet and to keep up with my crazy busy houseful of boys and one pretty girl.
Not much to ask for is it.

Lunch: APPLES 6 to be exact and yummy water with chocolate stevia and HHCG to get the fat cells to release and burn up the rest. What a yummy meal that's going to be.
Photo shoot coming soon to the page.

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  1. OH my goodness honey. I remember those feedings an pumpings that would just get projectiled back in my face after 45 minutes of work. The weekly weigh ins, UGH!!!

    I'm glad you're seeing some success on so many levels. You are awesome. What is going on with your family? I don't mean to pry.