Friday, May 14, 2010

Visiting a time old tradition.

I remember as a small girl going with my Nana June and collecting asparagus on the ditch banks near her house in Idaho. I can still recall the wonder I had inside me that there would be something growing out there that was edible. She would steam it and cut it up with salt and butter. It was the best treat ever that I always looked forward to in the spring. The year after my hubby and I moved back to his ranch at the beginning of our married life I was so excited to find that there was a whole field of wild asparagus next to our ranch. My Mother-in-law took me across the wild tall grasses and there in a clearing were great big stalks of the wintered over bushes that had gone to seed. These stalks are the tale tell sign that you have a great find. We would gather and gather and be back in a about two to three days to again gather. Alas the field stopped producing because of flooding so now I am back to scavenging along the ditch on our ranch for small amounts compared to the hauls that we used to get.

After learning that this diet called for the wonderful treat of course without butter I was excited to have spring come. This way on my second round I could eat the really fresh wild grown vegetable that I remember finding as a child. So here's a photo shoot of my scavenging adventure on our ditch banks.
Maybe I will even go visit the old field and see if any new starts might have started back up these 6 years later since my last visit.
Thanks Nana for showing me a wonderful God given treat!

What yummy dinners these green shoots make. The first meal is made with the asparagus and a side of black peppered halibut with thin Wasa crackers.
The next dinner is Chicken cooked in Cold Expeller pressed Coconut oil and Wasa bread which is much thicker then a cracker.

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