Saturday, May 15, 2010

152.8 Again??????

Well I most likely deserve that hold and hope it isn't going to get worse. All the boys went camping leaving me and the pretty girl to watch girly movies last night. She popped popcorn and added butter to it. After awhile she was mad that I wasn't eating it with her. So I caved and I hope that it isn't to rough on the days ahead.
It was a way busy day I barely got my meals in correctly.

Lunch: Yummy green salad with oranges broken up and a bit of a sugar free Walden salad dressing that I am going to see if the lose will still keep working. I have friends who are trying it so it made me curious to try. I ate bites of my pretty girls chicken that was breaded so I passed up those when I got home and just went for the salad.
Dinner Fajita stake and asparagus with fresh strawberries on a Wasa bread piece.
Miles 4 slow and steady and also a walk down our old train track path. I need to measure it to see its length before I can count its tally to the other miles.

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