Friday, May 7, 2010

154.4 thats the weight today!

So one way to help diminish the freezing that starts for me during the morning is if I drink my 3 liters of water with it starting on the luke warm side. And like I said I try to get more then half down by the time I am going to eat my lunch meal.
Here is a subject that when I think it in my head I can not say it on a blog but today I spoke it out loud and so it came out better then my thoughts and I am now going to try blogging it.
There is all this talk about constipation with people who are using HCG. So I think about the implications to this. 1 if your gut is used to having tons of food in it all the time and then it is in the situation of a 500 cal diet wouldn't your body after a bit say "hey wait a min not enough input for hugely stretched gut to push out why try." You see I have to take my little guy to a GI DR., that's short for Gastroenterology Doctor who studies gastrointestinal illnesses. So you know a GUT investigating guy who listens so us about why our little guy won't Poop. And gives medicine to help him get hungry enough to eat so that he will poop. The best advice I heard from him was. " YOU KNOW IT CAN'T COME OUT IF IT'S NOT PUT IN FIRST"! So my take on this whole constipation issue with HCG is our guts having been way overloaded through the years, and some more then others, has to take time to adjust and it will get to some kind of a normalcy. Just relax. 2 maybe take some good Biotropins with Acidphilus and Bifidus. Maybe all the good bacteria needs a boost in your gut. Dr's.. don't tell us to take this stuff after giving us an antibiotic. Did you know antibiotics kill these good bacterias that help our guts attack and break down stuff. So now you can save a few thousand and not visit a GI Doc since I told you a bit of advice he told us.

Oh I lost and I even have a lovely visitor Flo. Now that's a start because last time I just held and held, but it does help explain my inability to resist the Cayenne Chocolate Bar.
Lunch: Tuna, apple,celery on a Wasa Cracker
Dinner: Chicken with spinach,seasoned with onion and garlic powder, and Fresh strawberries, Melba rounds
Miles: 4 Easy walk on the treadmill.

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