Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A 5 K PLAN Do I have a stall starting?

I found a nice way to help a person get ready
to run a 5K.
Something I have been wondering how to
get ready to do.
The name even helps you know that
anyone can get it
going for themselves even if they have never
been a runner.
This is courtesy of a great blogsite that
I have been reading.
If I have to cut wheat out to stay skinny
I can make food still.

So today I am only 156.2 only 2 ounces gone
I ate turkey and halibut two things that are new
for me this time
I guess today I better stick with the
stand by list
and not experiment at all with new.

Lunch: Grilled chicken and onions sautaed in
cold-pressed coconut oil
a strawberry smoothie with
melba toasts crumbs.
Dinner talapia white fish, lettuce bed and
apple with melba rounds.

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