Thursday, May 20, 2010

151.4 Not such a good idea Crab.

Ya I think the crab was to much. It said sugar (maltodextrine) on the can but measuring it out cooked is not the same as a raw measure and even if it was a small amount of sugar, though there wasn't an amount on the side telling how much, it's just not helping me to lose.

Lots and lots of thoughts today. I realize that I used to stuff myself in clothing that was to small for me in the name of I will lose or I am not going to buy something new, or I can take that in when I lose. I wonder how long that was going on in my head. I bet some 8 years now that I think about the last new clothing that I bought and what size it is 10, when really I should have had a 12 or 14 depending on how it was made to fit.

Lunch: Tolapia with wasa cracker and some asparagus, Half a grapefruit with stevia sprinkled on top.
Dinner: Had to go shopping so ate my Melba toasts, tomato, and orange in the car. Rushed home grabbed a packet of albacore tuna that's 3.5oz really fast mixed it with the last of my mustard and ate it with some more toasts. To many toasts today. Please don't punish me and go back up again body. Then rushed to a oh no mini food storage class, what have I done. just to not offend my sis-in-law a taste tiny bits and pray it isn't an even bigger punishment tomorrow.
Miles: Well they are in the toilet cause I steam cleaned toilets instead today. Usually it's the boys job to keep the 3 toilets up to par but I couldn't stand the sight anymore so I intervened.

I think as you go down in weight that you have to get more and more careful with what you eat because the body holds on harder since there is less in the locked fat storage areas and it isn't willing to release as easily as when you first start out on Dr. Simeon's protocol.

I am grateful for sunshine today.


  1. I'm glad the sun is shining. It's probably because the toilets are clean. :) It can be difficult when the body gets so stingy with letting go. I hope it cooperates soon. Luck!

  2. I'm so glad I've connected al the dots now. I thought I'd lost you. I'm glad I haven't.