Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thirsty thirsty! 156.6 mmmmmm

Well that's not much of a loss but its .6 oz. I didn't sleep at all last night my little guy pulled my hair in his sleep all night and rolled and rolled around. He didn't eat much dinner and so it showed in his sleep. Also the hubby was called to go back to work and that always makes it a sleepless night. The night before he had never came back from work so two nights in a row is really rough on me.

I walked to the bus with my little guy and kept on walking. Later I will drive the car on my path to mark how far I went. I was so thirsty today that I have already drank most of my water and that's without Stevia in it either, it feels good to be refreshed. 2miles up and down hills today yeah!

Lunch: Can you guess, yup fresh strawberries and cucumbers one last time. A Turkey burger grilled on a Wasa cracker bun with my home made mustard spread.

Dinner well I will have to see its going to be crazy so I might be doing the grab and run fajitas.
Ended up being Halibut sandwich on Melba rounds with salted celery and an apple. I must be missing bread I keep craving sandwiches.

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