Monday, May 10, 2010

156.0 Not so much wreckage as first noted.

I set ok weight wise, the diets isn't totally dead. I did drink that nasty dieters tea last night before bed after feeling like I might never be able to sit up straight again from my Mothers Day dinner out. I do not feel well I am nursing the sniffles and cramps with my little guy who has sniffles too but must stay well at all costs till after this weekend, well forever would be nice too.

Lunch: Chicken sauted in cold expler pressed coconut oil. With spinach and and orange in the mix. Melba rounds on top.
Dinner: Onion boiled with my venison in homemade chicken broth and a wasa cracker crumbled over the soup. Frozen strawberries with Stevia sprinkled on top.
Miles: I stayed in bed I didn't feel good at all.

I am a bit distracted by the up coming stuff.

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