Saturday, May 22, 2010

149.9 WOW haven't seen this in a few years.

I did drink some dieters tea last night. Traveling makes me all stuck inside and so I wonder if the scale will stay down having really burned enough fat storage to be accurate.
I didn't get to sleep in, pretty girl had a car wash fundraiser and forgot about it and then forgot she had to do make up time at the high school to so I/she spent the day driving back and forth it seemed.
I was tricky and made a my little guy think that odawalla super food red rhapsody with apple juice was the bomb and put it in his sippy bottle, He drank and drank so he got beets, raspberries, strawberries, tomato puree, plum puree good stuff. I think I better look into juicing I see sometimes on infomercials but never pay much attention.

Lunch: Talopia, on bed of spinach with grissini sticks. Oh ya ate my apple for breakfast.
Dinner: Turkey burger on Rye Wasa, Tomato sliced. Yummy orange not really hungry all day but I sure am freezing again.
Miles: I didn't make it at all, I shouldn't have tried the sleep in over whelmed with boys today.

Why do bored boys have to fight? Everything was boring no matter what I suggested. The 3 younger's couldn't stop, mom got nasty after the ten hundredth name calling hitting episode. Believe me I would have loved to escape to a walk. Jer just went with me everywhere to escape the 3 grumpy boys.
Grateful for encouraging words today!

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