Thursday, May 27, 2010

149.0 Will it stick or bounce up again?

No fat no sugar Chocolate mixed in Tension Tamer tea with coconut oil, a tablespoon. I understand that it is supposed to make your metabolism jump start and get burning, the oil is supposed to do that. I have been reading in this book with notes on how it's working for others. Read here. We bought a big 5 gallon bucket for food storage 3 years ago and then I forgot about it's goodness in all the crazy keeping up I had to do. Another source from another country. It really seemed to help me move to a new number lets see what happens tomorrow since I haven't even been dropping the promised pound let alone good ounces.

Breakfast: With the tea an apple.
Lunch: Turkey burger on a melba round or rounds I should say I divided. Along with a tomato slice.
Dinner: Cod, green salad, bread crumbs, one roll, Tomatoe slices, Two spoonfulls of Hubby's birthday treat dangerous. 1 grapefruit half.
Miles: 1.5 miles running outside pushing a head wind half way. Glad to have it push me on the way back. Finished 3.5 on treadmill 72 min at 4.5 pace. I just can't get faster it seems. But I feel dang good today that's for sure. That's 10,218 steps yeah I did it today, made the goal.

Gratitude first I must SIGH and then be glad I can fit into shorts that I haven't worn for at least 8 years. Also I am warm today that's nice.

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  1. I wrote a comment, and then shut the window. I can't remember though if I posted it. Dang this tired brain!

    Generally. You are awesome. Amazing even. You have a missionary. You have tubing and tanks to deal with. You are out battling with treadmills and headwinds?

    You are a hero.