Monday, May 17, 2010

152.4 Oo I am tired of this 52 number.

What is the deal with this body it likes to stay at a number to long for my comfort. Almost a week at 52 number hmmmm. Well its been a crazy day and I wasn't hungry or cold and hope that I can get losing soon. Thinking about an apple day tomorrow depending on the scales reading.

Lunch: Turkey burger on a wasa cracker with a bit of Walden dressing. I made a salad with sauted fennel bulb and grapefruit. There is enough for two meals of salad.
Dinner: Steak, lettuce salad and an apple.
Miles 1 nice easy walk.

I am feeling boring and overwhelmed with end of school stuff to finish up for children. Wishing that this round seemed as easy as the first or as productive is what I should maybe say.

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