Wednesday, May 12, 2010

154.2 OOOOh

Well the scale is moving down small but down. I shouldn't have eaten the dressing yesterday maybe but who knows. I am flipping freezing again not sure if that's because of the body or because its snowing on the mountains and raining in the valley around me and makes our house cold again.

Inches are coming off and I have got to get a 20 day measurement on my record keeper. I put a pair of pants on that were tight in March and they were like a bag on me today. I had to wear a belt to keep them up. My waist is so much smaller yet my hips are still holding on to the fat cells. I started to think about how the wait packs on to my body with each child that I gave birth to. Two times I have started a pregnancy at 110 pounds each time the weight went on my hips towards the back first. This must be where its going to come off last. It makes sense to lose from the last placed cell to the first placed cell. Just like when you build with blocks. You can't start a building in the air, what happened to the foundation? It's all in how your body places it. My partner places it all over so it comes off all over also. She looks amazing and not lumpy in spots like I seem too look. Man if I had known what I know now and went through a pregnancy things would be so different I think.

Lunch: Curried Tolapia on a wasa cracker, strawberry, cucumber salad with apple cider vinegar dressing.
Dinner: Turkey burger with mixed salad greens on a wasa cracker and an apple.
Miles: I can't seem to get any miles in today or at least recordable ones on a treadmill or planed track route.

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