Monday, May 24, 2010

151.6 Blog hopping come join in.

Why oh why am I climbing back up on the scale.
Remember that I am also losing inches it is not all about the scales reading.
Watch the calorie combinations more closely.
Today is day 33 I guess I am going to keep going so that I can hit my 145 goal.

Lunch: Beef burger on a wasa cracker with lettuce and a thin onion grilled that I seasoned with Braggs.
Dinner: Talopia fish in Bragg's and then grilled over Melba toasts, cucumbers with a dab of Waldon's Ranch dressing. One lovely orange for desert later.

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Come join along have fun and get a move on
Miles: Well I will have to re post after marking the length but I ran with my son and did 3,538 steps and then another mile on the treadmill after for 2,611 steps and 2.6 pace for 24.51 min. Total steps 6,149 steps falling short of 10,000 but at least there was effort on my part today.

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