Sunday, May 2, 2010

158.2 today!

Don't forget the INCHES!
That's why they call it Pounds and Inches.
I am feeling smaller in crazy spots again.
I wore my highest heels today, my feet have lost weight and they fit.
They have not been worn for at least 20 yrs. Since my first pregnancy.
I dropped one dress size tried one on that I haven't worn for a long time.
My shirts are fitting in the shoulders.
There are lines for my calve indention's, but I am struggling to not cheat.
Why? I so badly want to drop this stupid weight and be skinny again.
Maybe cause the dang stuff is just there for the easy getting and it wasn't the first time I did a round. I will stay strong because those skinny jeans are sitting there smiling at me every time I stand on the scales. Reminding me of what I want. Now if I could stick a pair all over the kitchen it might help even more.

Blog with an interesting food for thought.

Lunch: Wasa Turkey burger with Homemade mustard, Strawberry cucumber vinagerette sauced salad and more Melba toasts to many.
Dinner: Chicken Celery broth (homemade) with Melba toasts. Apple

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