Thursday, May 13, 2010

153.2 Not sure it's an honest loss?

So I get on the scales every morning at about 6:30 am after I have done the throne sit for all night sleeping. The scales said 155.0. WHAT I can not believe this is happening again. I have bounced back up after being down. Then I go get all the kids going do the bus run, chase horses back in, drive over to drop the oldests who missed bus because of naughty horses and then come home to do the throne sit and decide to look one more time at the scales. There is about 2 hours between from the first weigh and this time. It sits at 153.2 CRAZY! I am going to take it but it sure messes with your head when it changes that much on a scale.

Lunch: Halibut tomato sandwich on a Wasa bread. When opening my package I found them much bigger then the last wasa crackers I had gotten. Also a half a grapefruit.
Dinner: Lean Steak with Lettuce and Strawberries and a balsamic vinegar dressing.
Miles 4 !/2 Walk/Jog 15 min worth of running.

I realized that I have been eating about a small handful of almonds when I feel hungry and can't get dinner fixed fast enough. I think they are allowed if you were doing an Atkins Induction Diet. I wonder if you could lose and do Induction diet with HCG on board. Hmm maybe I will google or yahoo group search to see if someone has done that one in their experimenting on losing weight.
Surgery cancelled again, good grief.

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