Tuesday, May 11, 2010

154.8 Oh my goodness it's working again.

I didn't even do any walking and the weight is back down I am so glad to see that. I have been prepping to take my meals and scale and stay this weekend in a hospital. Ugha I hope this is not going to be to hard. My weight and workout will be all messed up I am afraid but it must be done.

My little guy is having a cosmetic repair done from having a trach after his birth. I am a bit afraid for him but must not because faith and fear can not be together. He will no longer have a belly button neck when they are done. I have to stay overnight up there with him until they are sure his little lungs can breath all on their own. This means eating my pre measured foods and having to eat it cold or find a microwave somewhere in that hospital. I have to have food for him too because he gets so dang picky and won't eat sometimes and lives on that (stupid) wonderful pediasure.

All in all I can say that this will be interesting that's for sure. Thank goodness I am not having to go up there alone hubby is coming too so I will make it through.

Lunch: Chicken with spinach rolled inside with about 2 T's of Quinau left from hubbys breakfast cooking in my pot. I mixed some of the cold expeller pressed coconut oil with a tablespoon of milk and went without my crackers or toast allotment. Strawberries with Stevia sprinkled yum.
Dinner: Curried Halibut in the cold pressed oil again. Salad with 3 lettuce leaves and a half a tomato and melba toast on top. I did put a tiny bit of Walden Farms dressing on top. Just enough to make a taste.
Miles 2 on treadmill Dragging but walking even if it is slow.

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