Sunday, May 30, 2010

151.0 A deserved big Bounce

Well I almost didn't get on the scales but I forced myself to after a very long hot soaking detox bath. Yep there is that huge bounce. I missed all meals down to dinner.

Dinner: Shrimp, tomato and grisinni sticks. Drank my chocolate stevia water and was not hungry once today most likely cause I was so dang stuffed from the day before dinner mayhem. Later I ate my apple for a evening late snack.

As I sat in church singing one of my favorite songs called High on a Mountain top. There is this part that is very high, I used to sing with my friends and see how high we could reach with out destroying it in choir. Today I had all kinds of ability to reach peak highness and not be breathless at all. I began to ponder why it felt so different today from say last week singing. Then as I sang with the little kids I had the same feeling of being able to reach really high notes, like when I was younger. So later I am asking my hubby about it and he says 'well there has got to be more lung capacity because the fat is not as thick around your lungs and diaphragm area." Humm that must be it. Can you imaging if Opera singers were not fat what their lung capacity could be like WOW volumes that's for sure.

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  1. I'm glad you're getting to some of your old pleasures! That's fun.