Wednesday, May 26, 2010

150.4 Did I want to lose my chest or have my waist?

Did I really want to lose my whole top? It's what seems to be leaving the fastest. Soon I will need a new cup size (smaller), the only advantage that I had when I did weigh to much was the top. I remember back to my 20's I was never very big so it's not something that was my hubbies number one desire. I remember when I lost some 11 years ago back to that 110 spot and thinking about taking up a fund for lifting surgery enhancement. He said he didn't care as long as I was healthy. Here I am again feeling a slimmer waist but wishing to start a fund, even my daughter is going to be bigger then me when I am done losing. Oh well at least I am still loved by him.

Breakfast: Grapefruit half with tea this morning. My tea had better help me keep warm I made a concoction with Dark Chocolate and some coconut oil in my tea. It helped me like the taste and kept me warm.
Lunch: Hamburger, asparagus, with a wasa cracker.
Dinner: Chicken soup with spinach and broth and grissini mixed in. Strawberries sprinkled with powdered stevia.
Miles: Three miles for sure. One mile running. 7,212 steps I helped irrigate with hubby 30 acres an hour of walking. It's not the most brisk heart racing kind of walking but it was consistent to a point.

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  1. I think about this too. I go from almost B down to nearly A. x_x Really. But, it really does look better in my pictures. I do have to admit that. I just would prefer small to normal. Instead of "that's female?"


    It's worth it. But worth a sigh.